We Sold Our Homesteads


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We Sold Our Homesteads


Am                         Em             Am 
We sold our homesteads and started on our way 
      E7                  F       G         D       E 
Just like the birds will fly when autumn is here to stay 
E7                   Am   Em    F         C        G 
One day they will return, come spring again that's when 
    Dm            Am             Em       Am 
But we will never see our native country again 

Am                               Em              Am 
At first we traveled through the English  countryside 
    E7           F            G        D           E 
On tracks and on wagons, as quickly as birds would fly 
E7               Am   Em  F       C      G 
It was a lovely sight to see the land at last 
    Dm                Am                  Em       Am 
But all the glorious sights kept flashing by too fast 
 Dm           Am                  Em      Am 
The glorious sights kept flashing by too fast 

And later when we came to Liverpudlian bay 
The tears of regret finally started to have their say 
The hearts then started burning in each and everyone 
We only talked of Sweden that used to be our home 

We all were packed together in one unhealthy cave 
It was as if we'd stepped into an open grave 
The food that we had brought from blessed Swedish land 
Was suddenly for-bi-hi-dden and taken from our hand 
It was for-bi-hi-dden and taken from our hand 

And when we had been sailing for just a week or two 
A horrid kind of darkness was clouding our view 
We couldn't see each other and hardly breathe or walk 
It was a gruesome anguish for all people aboard 

The air was filled with hunger and drenched in wretched cries 
The howling and the noises would pierce right through the skies 
And death became the ru-hoo-ler that forced us to our knees 
The dead were buried in the horrid fathom of the seas 
They were buried in the fathom of the seas 

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