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D                     A 
When you look into my eyes 
    G                    C 
I feel the heat of the stars 
When you hold me, 
A        G               C 
I. .. I feel the heat of active volcanoes 
F                    Am         E 
I feel the warmth of my volcano 
When you touch me 
A    G             C 
I? I feel a ray of sun burning me 
D        A 
When you smile 
    G              C 
The world happens to be my 
F                    Am         E 
I feel the warmth of my volcano 

D          A 
It will explode 
        Em        C 
No one else holds 
D                  A 
I will shout to the world 
     C            E 
how much I want you 

 It will explode 
 It will explode (Só uma batida nos 3 últimos versos) 
 It will explode 

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