The Terminator


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The Terminator


          Am                            Dm  
Before I opened the door I guessed that something was wrong 

E              Am 
Soon found out they had all gone 

          Am                     Dm 
There was no sound of children.  No background noise 

E                       Am 
None of their things and none of their toys 

       Am                           Dm 
She'd taken all her clothes.  She'd taken everything 

E                 Am 
All I found was a note and a ring 

It said 

Dm E Hey You I told you before Am Dm If things didn't improve I'd be out of the door Dm E Am Hey you I hope that you're pleased right now
Am Dm It said he's younger than you and he's better in bed E Am Well that couldn't be true but that's what the note said Am Dm I sank to the floor and I felt so alone E Dm I stuck out a hand and I answered the phone It said Chorus Bridge G G7 C She thinks that she's the terminator E Am Indestructable all dressed in black G G7 C I know that sooner or later E She'll......be back Am Dm So I screamed down the phone baby please don't go E Am The reason why I don't really know Am Dm E I guess I'm just used to having you around here E Am Face it girl it's been twenty five years Chorus

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