Eyes Set To Kill


Eyes Set To Kill

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	  		Intro - Dm D9 Dm D9 

Dm              B5 
I can see your face 
Your eyes on the walls 
                 Dm    D9 
Your eyes on the walls 
Dm                     B5 
Your letters and the places 
I wish that you'd call 
I wish that you would call 

Chicago seems so far 
                Dm*     (Dm* C5* E5 Dm*  Dm* C5* E5) 
But I can feel the wind 
    B                 C11 
And I can smell your car 
                    Dm*        C11          B        C11         B 
And I can hear the kids are playing their favorite games without me 

I'd Loved to be 
                Dm D9 
Back where I belong 

Dm D9 

Dm                B5 
Like a homeless week 
I couldn't sleep at all 
                    Dm   D9 
I couldn't sleep at all 
Dm                    B5 
And I've tried everything 
Friends to alcohol 
Friends to alcohol 

I'm Arizona's fault 
             Dm*     (Dm* C5* E5 Dm*  Dm* C5* E5) 
Feel like defeat 
      B5              C11 
I'm breaking down in holes 
Trying not to slip 
    C11    B           C11     B 
But SD is taking it's toll on me 

Love to be 
Back where I belong 

Dm C5 D9* Dm*  from now til the end and finish with the  Dm* C5* E5 Dm*  Dm* C5* E5 thing. 

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