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From Me To You Chords

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by jesus%5Ffreak333

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From Me To You

  		Verse 1:  
Bb                      Eb        F      Bb  
God only knows what's going on inside of me  
Bb                             Eb            F            Bb  
This world revolves around everything that's not meant to be  
Bb                      Eb      F      Bb  
These prison walls are closing fast  
                        Eb         F  
It's do or die, get me out of this past.  

Bb                         Eb             
There You stand with Your arms wide open  
          Gm   F      Eb    F    
You're calling me to You  
Bb                         Eb             
I know that Heaven's just one step away  
       Gm               F            Eb    F    
As I reach for You, You hold me and say, "I love You"  

Verse 2:  

Bb                Eb        F      Bb  
I may not always get what I want but I know  
                       Eb   F         Bb  
That You'll give me everything that I need  
                       Eb            F      Bb  
So I'll fall as these walls come crumbling down  
                       Eb                F     Bb  
I cry out. Won't You come down here and rescue me.  


Gm                                               Bb        
I never thought, I never thought that You could move me  
Gm                                              Bb  
I never guessed, I never guessed that You could use me  
the way You do .  


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