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Tourniquet (ver. 3) Chords


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by Amy%5Flee

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Tourniquet (ver. 3)

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E|---------------------------------------------|-15-14------12-14-15-14-------- B|---------------------------------------------|-------12---------------15----- G|-------------------------------2-----2-------|---------------------------14-- D|-2-5-2-4-0-2-5-2-4-2-2-5-2-4-0---5-4---5-4-2-|------------------------------- A|---------------------------------------------|------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------|-------------------------------
{Intro:} Em C D D# Em Em C D D# Em I tried to kill the pain but only brought more C D D# Em I lay dying and i'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal C D D# Em I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming C D D# Em Am I too lost to be saved am I too lost? C D D# Em My God, my tourniquet return to me salvation C D D# Em My God, my tourniquet return to me salvation Do you remember me lost for so long Will you be on the other side or will you forget me My wounds cry for the grave my soul cries for deliverance Will i be denied Christ tourniquet my suicide

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