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Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: F# B E A 

verse 1

F#           B     E                     A 
The Morning Star, King of Kings, Heir of All Things, Savior 
F#             B       E                A 
Friend of the Sinner, Redeemer, Defender, Healer  
F#            B                     E           A 
Lily of the Valley, You alone, our Peace, our Shield, our Father  
F#            B                  E           A 
Light of the World, Deliverer, Jehovah, our Provider 

F# B You're Holy E A You are the Lord Almighty F# B You're Holy E A You alone deserve the glory F# B E A And I want to see, see your Light F# B 'Cause you're holy, E A You are the Lord Almighty
BRIDGE: G# A You're the God Who Sees (2x) G# A B You're the God Who Sees

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