Ernest Tubb

She's A Little Bit Country

Ernest Tubb

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She's A Little Bit Country

She's a big city girl, with so many way's 
     F                    C 
She walks and she talks uptown 
But she's got something hard to find now-a-days 
G7                       C 
That keeps me a hangin' around 
She's a little bit country 
Makes me think of meadows and clver 
Apple pie and a pup named Rover 
Ant the good ole days 
Lordy she don't know what cheatin' means 
And I ain't gonna teach her them kind of things  
She's a little bit country 
And I've got country ways 
We'll I've been all around this troubled ole world 
         F                    C 
But I've never found peace of mind 
Til I met that pretty little city girl 
           F                        C 
Lord they ought to make more of her kind   


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