Ernest Tubb

How Can I Be Sure

Ernest Tubb

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How Can I Be Sure

G                         A7 
You only want to break my heart once more 

     D7                              G 
With promises that you'll keep every vow 

    G7                           C 
You told me that you loved me so so many times before 

   D7                            G 
So how can I be sure you love me now 

Sometimes I dream I'm in your arms embrace 

    D7                            G 
And oh how happy you once made me there 

    G7                        C 
But every time I trust in you another takes my place 

   D7                           G 
So how can I be sure you really care 

You count me in then count me out again  

    D7                               G 
You play with me just like a toy and yet 

    G7                           C 
You make my heart believe in you then leave that same old pain 

   D7                             G 
So how can I be sure you won't forget 

I'm only sure I'll never love anew  

     D7                       G 
Your memory is in my heart to stay 

    G7                            C 
And foolish me I'll still be here with open arms for you 

    D7                            G 
For how can I be sure you'll stay away 

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