Ernest Tubb

Gonna Be Strangers

Ernest Tubb

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Gonna Be Strangers

C                                       F 
All the love you promised would be mine forever 
  C                               G7 
I would have bet my bottom dollar on 

     C                                F 
Well it sure turned out to be a short forever 

     C                G7                C 
Just once I turned my back and you were gone 

From now on all my friends are gonna be strangers  

        C                     G7 
I'm all through ever trusting anyone 

         C                              F 
The only thing I can count on now is my fingers 

        C                 G7                  C 
I was a fool believing in you and now you are gone 

It amazes me not knowing any better 
        C                                G7 
Than to think I had a love that would be true 

      C                              F 
Why I should be taken out tarred and feathered  

        C             G7          C 
To have let myself be taken in by you 

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