Ernest Tubb

Follow Me

Ernest Tubb

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Follow Me

G                 D7             G 
At the end of the day my heart's filled with despair 

  D7                    G 
I knelt by my bed for a moment of prayer 

               D7          G 
I asked God to help me and show me the way 

     D7                                    G 
Then out of the darkness a voice seemed to say 

       C                        G 
Follow me and your sins will be washed snowy white 

       C                          G               D7 
Follow me to the streets that are paved with pure gold 

       G           D7             G 
Follow me and your darkness would turn into light 

       D7                         G 
You'll see riches and treasures untold 

                D7                G 
I was lost in a world filled with doubt and the shame 

     D7                            G 
Each day brought me tears that I'd fall by the way 

                D7            G 
Then out of the rocks and the caverns there came 

  D7                           G 
A voice that somehow seemed to say 

       C                        G 
Follow me and your load will be lighter to bear 

       C                         G             D7 
Follow me and your heart will be free from all care 

       G           D7         G 
Follow me and I'll make you a place with Him there 
   D7                    G 
If you would just follow me 

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