Eric Church

Like A Wrecking Ball

Eric Church

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Like A Wrecking Ball

Year: 2014 -

C          Am         F              G                       C  
I, I been gone I been gone to long, singing my songs on the road  
         Am    F                G  
another town, one more show and Im coming home  
Am                           F            Am                  G  
Don't give a damn what these keys are for Im gonna knock down that front   
door, and  
F        G                  C  
find out what that house is made of  
F                  G                        C  
It's been too many nights since its felt us make love  
F                 G                     Am       G       F  
I wanna rock some sheetrock, knock some pictures off the wall  
Love you baby, Like a wrecking ball  
C                 Am      F              G  
You, Look at you, send me one more shot sitting on the bathroom sink  
C      Am        F          G  
Damn  you really turn me on painting you toenails pink  
Am            F           Am                        G     
Easy baby for you to say, but if I can make it just one more day  

    F        G                 C  
And that old house is gonna be shaking  
F             G                    C  
I hope those bricks and boards can take it  
F          G                   Am          G         F  
But I wont be surprised if the whole damn place just falls  
Im gonna rock you baby, like a wrecking ball  

Solo: Em  Bb  F  C  Em  Bb  F G  

    F        G                 C  
And that old house is gonna be shaking  
F          G                   C  
rafter and rocking foundation quaking  
F                        G                Am      G         F  
Crash right through the front door, back you up against the wall  
               G  Am               G         F          
Love you baby,       take it right there baby  
Rock you baby, Like a wrecking ball  

outro Em  Bb  F  C  Em  Bb  F G  


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