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After the lovin Chords

Engelbert Humperdinck

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by europeu

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After the lovin

 So I will sing to sleep, after the loving 
 with a song I just wrote, yesterday, 
 and I hope you can hear, 
           G7                         C    Dm   G 
 What the words and the music has to say. 
 Its so hard, to explain, everything that I feeling, 
 Face to face, I just seem to run dry, 
 Bit I love you so much. 
           G7                               C    C7 
 That the sound of your voice can make me high. 
   F               Em  Dm        G           C   Am 
 Thanks for taking me, on a way trip to the sun, 
                        Am          G7 
 and thanks for turning me, into someone. 
  So I will sing you to sleep, after the lovin 
 I will brush back the hair, from your eyes, 
 And the love on your face, is so real that it makes 
 wanna cry,  
 .                    REFRAO                  
                                   E7              Am 
 And I know, that my song, is not saying, anything new 
 Oh, G         Dm     G                Dm     C     C7 
but after the loving, I will still be loving you.    
                REPETE REFRAO  


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