Emperor X

Defiance For Elise Sunderhuse

Emperor X

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Defiance For Elise Sunderhuse


C D G D 

C          D    G                 D 
   General Doom got another leg caught 
        C     D     G                     D 
He was arming kids, begging for artillery shells to kick around 
             C     D               G                   D  
And building white crosses to commemorate the martyrs' brigade 
       C                    D     
In the Red Crescent-bearing ambulances 
     G                     D 
It's better than working in the mines all day 

C D G D 2x 

C            D 
One vehicle down 
        G                         D 
We were praising the Lord when we heard the report 
       C                             D 
Of the trucks and the cranes and the double-yellow lines 
        G                         D 
And the fear and the love and the violence dissolved 
C                        D 
  We're told that we've learned a great deal 
          G                      D 
And we're told that your loss is collateral cost 
     C             D 
And stochastically inevitable 
         G                    D 
And the price that we pay for breathing, but we 

C  D  G  D 
Deeeefffyy 5x 

C D G D 2x 

C      D        G             D 
  Punk Haitians kicking under concrete 
     C            D           G                     D 
They charge their phones and send another text feed to the flotilla 
          C                    D 
And it's out, but time's not a disease 
        G                     D      
It's an ordered state. It's a firm substrate 
       C                  D 
It's a shocking priceless wasteland 
         G                     D 
And it's where we'll raise our kids and get lost and 

C  D  G  D 
Deeeefffyy 4x 

C D G D  C    D  G   D 
Letters, pixels, texts 
            C   D  G    D 
Crystallize and    mutate 
C     D  G       D   
Patterns amplifying  
C D G D 
forever 8x 


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