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I've Just Seen a Face Chords

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I've Just Seen a Face

Year: 2004 - Album: Beatles

(Paul McCartney & John Lennon)

I've just seen a face 
I can't forget the time 
                   D/F#  Em 
Or place where we just met 
She's just the girl for me 
And i want all the world to see we've met 
C G/B Am7 D/F# G 
mm mm mm mm mm 
Had it  been another day 
I might have looked the ather way 
and i'd have never been aware 
But as it is i'll dream of her tonight 
la la la la la la 
 D                 C    
Falling, yes i am falling 
                 G    C  
And she keeps calling 
Me back again 
I have never known the like of this 
I've been alone and i have missed 
Things and kept out of sight 
For other girls were never quite like this 
da da da da da da 
Falling, yes i am falling 

Contribuição: Milton Lima Oliveira([email protected]) 

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