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There's Always Me Chords

Elvis Presley

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by mar%2Dgobbo

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There's Always Me

	  (intro)  Dm  G 
When the evening shadows fall 
And you’re wondering who to call, 
                          G                          C 
For a little company there's always me. 

If your great romance should end, 
And you're lonesome for a friend, 
                                    G                            C      Fm C 
Darling, your need never be, there's always me. 

          C7                           F     D7                                    C       G  C 
I don't seem to mind somehow       playing second fiddle now, 
                    G                     D                                      G        G7 
Someday you'll want me dear,        and when that day is here. 

Within my arms you'll come to know, 
Other loves may come and go, 
                               G            E      A 
But my love for you will be eternally, 
                                      Dm   G                           C       Fm C 
Look around and you will see        there's always me. 

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