Elvis Presley

A World Of Our Own

Elvis Presley

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A World Of Our Own

Intro: D 

               E               A 
You kiss me darling, a miracle starts. 
  Am7   D                       G 
A magic feeling, comes into our hearts. 
             C           Cm         G    D E 
The spell of love began, when we're alone, 
    Am        D              G 
and we're in, a world of our own. 

Gb          E                    A 
You say you want me, and music I hear. 
            D                      G 
Touch me my darling, and clouds disappear. 
           C                 Cm         G 
The sky is bright above, and cares have flown. 
E   Am        D              G 
And we're in, a world of our own. 

            Cm        Gm             Cm 
Holding you close, is heaven..only I know,  
what it's worth. 
               Am7   A  Bm           A 
Knowing you're mine, forever, is the greatest  
wonder on Earth. 

            E                        A 
Nothing can change it, the magic's begun. 
           D                           G 
When we're together, our hearts become one. 
         C          Cm         G      Em   Am 
I find a happiness, I've never known, when we're  
      D            G 
in, a world of our own. 

Em   Am           D            Eb  G 
When we're in...a world of our own.....(Fade.) 

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