Elton John

Enchantment passing through Chords

Elton John

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by europeu

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Enchantment passing through

  		Intro: F - Eb - F/D - Bb/G - Bb - C 
F                                   Bb/C  C  
A few more days and we'll be home in glory 
Bb/G                                C 
Already they'll be getting out the flags 
F                        Bb/C   C 
With Memphis high motor dormitory 
Eb              C           Bb/G   C 
For me, I only see a lot of snags 
F                              Bb/C     C  
The prospect above all I find distressful 
Bb/G                                C 
Is having to give up the soldier's life 
F                          Bb/C    C 
If anything I'm rather too successful 
Bb/G                  Bb/C           Eb   F         
They made me hand my sword in for a wife 
Bb                                      F/A 
For just because I've triumphed as a slaver 
Bb                                 F/A 
Brought booty back to Egypt by the ton 
Ab                                   Eb/G 
Of this and every month, I'm now the flavor 
Bb/G                                   Bb/C   C 
And scheduled to do things I've never done 
F                  Eb                     F/D 
And why should I tell you this, a stranger I just met 
        Cm                 F               Bb 
A woman who in hours from now I'll certainly forget 
F/A                        Am   
Anonymous and undemanding 
A                   Dm 
Enchantment passing through 
                    Gm        Eb     C                 Bb/G   Bb/C         
My secrets and my confidence.....are safe enough with you 
F                                   Bb/C   C  
My days out on the field are all but ended 
Bb/G                                         C 
They'll put me out to grass which means the throne 
F                                    Bb/C   C 
Bedecked and bejeweled alongside my intended 
Eb              C           Bb/G   C     
I feel as though my heart is set in stone 
F                            Bb/C  C  
But maybe I am being far too gloomy 
Bb/G                                    C 
Yes, maybe I'll make waves in pastures new 
F                                Bb/C   C 
Find government and politics come to me 
Bb/G                           Bb/C    Eb   F         
As naturally as I now talk to you 


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