Elliott Brood


Elliott Brood

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Capo on 2nd fret

Intro Em, G (4x) 

Em     G      Em          G 
Oh violence, stained our hands 
           Bm                   Em 
Sold us on hero talk with their boyish charms 
With the call  
For us to win 
C                           G 
oh oh oh oh oh, the call to win. 

    Em            G 
The time that we spent  
      Em            G 
As we dug with our hands 
        Bm               Em 
And our notes we left unharvested 
          C              G 
When we scratched to get in 

C               G 
oh the words we left 
C                   G 
oh, their words we left 

Em, G (2x) 

          Em              G 
With the Spring came the thaw 
         Em              G 
And our friends that we lost 
         Bm                 Em 
Still we left them there unharvested 
       C             G 
In the cold November wind 
C             G 
Cold November wind 

          Am                C 
Where the bombs had us hypnotized  
        G                     Em 
As they pinned us down in the rain 
We'd breath it in 
    Em                   G 
And again we'd breath it in 
    Em                   G 
And again we'd breath it in 
      Em C          G 
And...Ohhh we never left 

Em, G (2x) 

         Em           G 
Then the cold weather wained 
         Em                G 
But the lines they still remained 
                   Bm                   Em 
So they sold us on hero talk with their boyish charms 
         C              G 
With the call for us to win 

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