Elle Varner


Elle Varner

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	  		C      G                              Em             D 
I feel like the girl at the bar who?s been there too long 
Can?t stand up! 
C        G                  Em           D 
I should be gone but I just can?t get enough, yeah! 
C                G                  Em                  D 
Fumbling, giggling, silly as ever I get like this after one too many 
    C           G               Em       D 
But right now I ain?t even been drinkin' 
C                         G 
He approached me and asked for a minute 
      Em                                D 
Which turned into five, then turned into ten 
    C           G                 Em   D 
And right now I don?t know how to say when 

C                    G 
So can I get a refill? 
            Em    D 
Can I get a refill? 
            C        G          Em             D 
Can I get a re-eeee-fill? 
     C   G 
Yeah, of your time 
               Em            D 
Cause you?re intoxicating my mind 
            C           G 
Feel like a conversational lush 
              Em                D 
Cause I don?t know how much is too much, yeah 

C      G                              Em             D 
I feel like the girl at the bar who?s been there too long 
Can?t stand up! 

Repeat Chords throughout song :D 

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