Elle King

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Elle King

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Home Free

Capo on 5th fret
Intro Am C G (2x)     
Am           C               G   
  I ripped the pages from my bible   
Am        C           G   
  Just to feel I was alive   
Am        C            G   
  And the key to my survival   
Am     C           G   
  Is a quiet in my sides tonight   
           Am C G   
  No no no no   
           Am C G   
  No no no no   
      Em                     C   
  And I don?t want nobody to save me   
Em                   C   
  It's just easier this way   
Em                           C   
  And all the heroes want to cage me   
Em                         G   
  When I just want to fly away   
Am C G   
Am      C                   G   
  The endless echoes of the lonely   
Am     C               G   
  Only seem to know my name   
Am             C                  G   
  There is no such thing as being home free   
Am          C                 G   
  Cause you can?t go back the same   
           Am C G   
  No no no no   
           Am C G   
  No no no no   
Am C  G    Am C  G    Am C G   
Home free, home free, home   
Am C G Am 

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