Ella Fitzgerald

Little Girl Blue Chords

Ella Fitzgerald

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner


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Little Girl Blue


C        C/B  Am7      Dm7       G7       C   
Sit there         and count your fingers  
C/B          A7  F                 Fdim  
What can you do?  Old girl, you're through. 
      C        C/B  Am7      F     Em  Dm Am7  G7   
Just sit there          and count your little fingers  
F        G7          C 
Unhappy little girl blue. 
C        C/B  Am7     Dm7       G7        C   
Sit there        and count the raindrops  
C/B        A7  F            Fdim  
Falling on you it's time you  knew 
C   C/B  Am7      F    Em Dm Am7  G7   
All      you can count on is the raindrops  
     F   F/E G6 Cm5    Fm   Fdim   C 
That fall on little   girl blue. 
C  G    Dm7  G7        G   D7/9 G7  Fdim  F   C 
No use, old girl, you might as  well surrender 
G    C    C/B Am7  Am7/G  E 
Your hopes are getting    slender 
   Bm5-/7      E     Em7 Fdim Bm5-/7   E 
Why won't somebody send   a   tender 
        Eb  Gm      G#       Bb7   Fdim  Eb 
Little Blue boy to cheer up little girl blue 

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