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Raise Hell, Drink Beer Chords

Eleven Hundred Springs

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Raise Hell, Drink Beer

A                                             D 
Well my daddy grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, 
              A                                          E 
And you could say there wasn't much for a growin' boy to do 
           A                                                D 
Except to drive around town with all his friends on the weekends 
         A                      E                 A 
And go searchin' for a case of beer that wasn't 3.2. 
He used to drive around town in an old 1960 Corvair 
A                                               E 
Him all his friends, they called themselves the BBD. 
             A                                   D 
Well when I asked him what those three initials stood for, 
           A                          E                    A 
He said "Bartlesville Beer Drinkers, son, that's what it means. 
       A2           A2 
Raise hell, drink beer, 
That's all there is to do 'round here. 
          A2              A2 
Get your kicks chasin' chicks 
Well we do it every day of the year." 
He said, "Now, one of these days I'm gonna leave this town 
And you won't find me anywhere near... 
         A                    E                 A 
But for now I'll keep rasin' hell and drinkin' beer." 
A  D  A  E  A  D  A  D  A  E  A  2x 
- Repeat whole song through - 
           A                     E                 A 
Yeah, for now I'll keep raisin' hell and drinkin' beer 
           A                     E                 A 
Yeah, for now I'll keep raisin' hell and drinkin' beer 


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