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Julie Don't Live Here Chords

Electric Light Orchestra

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by dannybosky

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Julie Don't Live Here

I wander through a town 
A town I new so well but it seems so strange 
Em                  D C 
The wind blows cold 
C                                         G 
I remember when I thought your street was paved with gold 
I walked along the street 
A street I walked along many times before 
Em                      D C 
The things have changed 
C                              G                  
Everything I knew was gone or rearranged 

G C D Julie don't live here anymore G C D she moved away many years before G D F C How can it be, this I can't believe G C D G Julie don't live here anymore
G I walked up to your door A last night I saw your face in the window Em D C but it was different now C G the lonely light where we used to be quite gone G I thought about your smile A your laughing eyes and the things you said to me Em D C I felt so sorry for you C G for all the nights we spent hanging around with nothing else to do Chorus,Chorus G C D G Julie don't live here anymore (3 times) [email protected] or [email protected]

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