Electric Light Orchestra

Buildings Have Eyes

Electric Light Orchestra

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Buildings Have Eyes

G7 and G: Use barre chord on 3rd fret 
Am: Use open classic open chord 

G7    F      G7       F    G7      F    G7     F 
Pretty pretty are the girls as they go by 
G7    F      G7       F    G7      F    G7     F 
Chilly chilly is the air under moonlit sky 
G7    F      G7       F    G7      F    G7     F 
The windows watch you as you walk along 
G7    F      G7       F    G7      F    G7     F 
And the streets lead back to where you started from 

C Bm The cities watching and you can't get by Am F G No matter where you hide you know the buildings have eyes C Bm This place is lonely but you can't get away Am F G G7 No matter what you say you know the buildings have eyes
2nd verse Silly silly are the thoughts that fill your head (repeat the same sequence til the end).. Chorus

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