Eiyan Gammell

Just My Own

Eiyan Gammell

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Just My Own

D              A     
One day I sat alone 
Wonderin' what am I to do 

Because yesterday I wasn't sure 
      A         D     
If anything was true 
D              A  
But when I was sure 
That I was loving you 

You screwed it up with every guilt trip 
    A            D 
And then you ran away 

D But It's the same way A Everyday G D Because now I'm just my own
D-A-G-A-D D A I see you everyday G And think of what we used to have but remember it's all gone A D because of your own half But then you walk to me and say all the insults you can So I get up and say to you It wasn't my own fault Chorus x2 D-A-G-A-D-D-A-G-A-D

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