The Racing Rats


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The Racing Rats

	  		Intro: Em G Am  D  x 2 

Em             G 
When the time comes  
Am                     D 
That you're no longer here  
Em               G 
Fall down to my knees  
Am             G 
Begin my nightmare  
Em                           G 
Words spill from my drunken mouth 
Am                       D  
I just can't keep'em all in  
Em                        G 
I keep up with the racing rats 
Am                 D 
And do my best to win 

intro again 

(same as verse 1) 

Slow down little one  

You can't keep running away  

You mustn't go outside yet  

It's not your time to play  

Standing at the edge of your town 

With the skyline in your eyes 

Reaching up to god 
    Am                D     Em  
The sun says its goodbyes 

     C             D             Em  
If a plane were to fall from the sky  
          C             G 
How big a hole would it leave  
In the surface of the earth  

(same as verse 1) 

Let's pretend we never met  

Let's pretend we're on our own  

We live different lives  
Until our covers blown  

I push my hand up to the sky  

Shade my eyes from the sun  

As the dust settles around me  
         Am             D Em  
Suddenly nightime has begun  

The surface of the earth  

Em     C 
Come on now  
    G             D 
You knew you were lost 
        Em     C     G D 
But you carried on anyway 
   Em     C 
Oh come on now 
    G               D 
You knew you had no time  
        Em     C        G   D    Em 
But you let the day drift away  

In the surface of the earth  

The surface of the earth 

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