Edge Kingsland

Wairua Tapu

Edge Kingsland

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Wairua Tapu


B              E     B 
Wairua Tapu, Kuhu Mai 
B              E     B 
Nau mai ki konei 
B              E     B 
Wairua Tapu Arahia 
B       F#     B 
Korero mai ano 

B              E     B 
Holy Spirit, welcome 
B              E     B 
You are welcome here 
B              E     B 
Guide us, Holy Spirit 
B         F#    B 
Speak to us again 

I have found that on the third line of both verses the final B could be replaced with a G#m, I suppose  
that's up to you and the way you want to play it. 

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