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I Just Want To Love You Chords

Eddie Rabbitt

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I Just Want To Love You

	             C                F 
I was just passing through 
       G            C               F 
Wasn’t staying long till I met you 
    G                 C      Em         Dm7 
And when you said “Hello” my heart just knew 
          C            F 
What else could I do 
            G             C                  Fmaj7 
Stand right here and fall in love with you 
G                  C        Em    Dm7 
Girl you’re almost too good to be true 
          Fmaj7                 Cmaj7 
Now we’re swayin’ to the music 
And your body’s soft and warm 
Flowin’ with the feelin’ 
Here in my arms 

C I just want to love you Fmaj7 Fm6 I just want to hold you tight Cmaj7 Lay right here with you all night G Am7 Fmaj7 I just want to love you
What good is life if you Don’t take a chance on love a time or two And I want to take my chance with you Cause it could be so sweet As long as you’re close to me There’s nothing in this world we couldn’t be Bridge Chorus

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