Dwight Yoakam

Little Sister

Dwight Yoakam

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Little Sister

	  		Intro note  Eb 
Eb Little Sister don't you Little Sister don't you Ab Little Sister don't you kiss me once or twice Eb and tell me that's it nice And then you run Bb B Bb Eb Oooh Little Sister don't you do what your big sister's done.
Eb 1.) You know I dated your big sister Oh I took her to a show I went for some candy and along came Jim Dandy N.C. Eb and they slipped right out the door Eb 2.) I used to pull down on your pigtails and pinch your turned up nose Oh but baby you've been growing Lately it's been showing, Honey N.C. Eb >From your head right down to your toes Eb 3.) Everytime I sees your sister Lord she's with somebody new She's mean, and she's evil Like a little old boll weevil N.C. Eb Guess I'll try my love with you.

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