Dustin Tebbutt

The Wolves Reprise

Dustin Tebbutt

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The Wolves Reprise

Capo on 2nd fret


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C/F Am/E E+ Am7 C/F C/D Am7 C/F C e|-0---------------------0----------------0--------0--------| B|-1-----1---1---1-------1--------1---1---1--------1--------| G|-0-----2---1---0-------0--------0---0---0--------0--------| D|-3---0-2---2---2---0h2-3--------0---2---3--------2--------| A|-0-----------------------------------------------3--------| E|----------------------------------------------------------|
C/F Am/E E+ Am7 Wolves are waiting C/F Am/E E+ Am7 With Conand in a pick C/F Am/E E+ Am7 Those feathers suffer C/F Am/E E+ Am7 The soil of the tick C/F Am/E E+ Am7 Am/F# Well lone surrender C/F Am/E E+ Am7 The echo of embrace C/F Am/E E+ Am7 And how I'm sorry C/F C/D Am7 C/F C Give balance to the break Banjo part
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(no capo) e|-10----10--9--7--5------------------------------------------------------| B|-10----10--10-7--5--7----8-------7--8/10-8-7----8-------7--8--10-8-7----| G|-11----11--9--7--6--7----7-------7--7-7--7-7----7-------7--7--7--7-7----| D|--------------------7----9-------9--9-9--9-7----9-------9--9--9--9-7----| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-10--9--7--5----------------------------------------------------| B|-10--10-7--5--7---5-8-------8/10-8-7----8-------7--8--10-8-7----| G|-11--9--7--6--7---7-7-------7-7--7-7----7-------7--7--7--7-7----| 4x D|--------------7---7-9-------9-9--9-7----9-------9--9--9--9-7----| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------|

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