Dustin Smith

You Are The Fire

Dustin Smith

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You Are The Fire

	  		verse 1: 

C                                        F 
You are the flame that's growing deep inside 
C                                  F 
You are the blazing passion in my eyes 
A                  G               F 
You are the aching shut up in my bones 
F                                     C 
You are the longing that won't let me go 

C F A Let it burn, let it burn now A F C Oh from the inside out C F A Let it rage, let it rage now A F You are the fire, You are the fire
verse 2: You're all consuming, You can't be contained Never relenting, changing everything You are the love that overwhelms my heart You are the fire lighting up the dark Tag: C F Fan the flames 'til the whole world sees us burn F You are the fire

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