Dum Dum Girls

Lord Knows

Dum Dum Girls

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Lord Knows


Verse 1 

D                       G 
   I want to live a pure life, 
D                         G 
   I'd say that it's about time 
D                                    G 
   Don't judge me for the things I've done 
D                      G 
   To get off the only one 
D                                    G 
   The place I've found in ignorance 
D                            G 
   A slow burning of ... 
D           G 
   I fear I am resigned 
D                       G 
  To the sky and up my mind 

D G Oh boy, I can't hurt you anymore D G Oh boy, I can't hurt you anymore D G Oh boy, I can't hurt you anymore Em G Lord knows, I hurt D G My love D G My love
Verse 2 D G To be so blind I could not see D G To save you and then some(one) tells me D G Sanctuary in his kiss, D G We still can't find to end of this D G Cause every time you think of me D G The black covers what might be D G The no, no, comb that ... D G Together but all alone Chorus Bridge: G Bm The tracks of time have tracks of tears G Bm When love is smothered out in fear G Bm Gonna hate until the cold G Bm The day we wake up feeling clear Chorus

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