Heat Of The Moment


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Heat Of The Moment

Capo on 2nd fret

C                                   Em     
All the school kids are so sick of books and learnin' 
           F                             Dm 
They don't read anymore, they don't even read anymore 
                C                             Em                        
They just wanna be like all the rappers that I can't stand 
Niggas we don't need anymore 
All the niggas we don't need anymore 
      C                                        Em 
And all the cops are still hangin' out at the doughnut shops 
Talkin' 'bout how the weather's changin' 
The ice is meltin' as if the world is endin' 

She asked me 
C    Em       F     Dm 
"Who are you gonna be when it's all over? When it's all over?" 

She asked me 
C                 Em           F           Dm 
"Who are you gonna be when it's all over? When it's all over?" 
I don't wanna think about that right now 
Heat of the moment 
                         F                 Dm 
Heat of the moment, girl, heat of the moment 
I ain't even got a strap if you think we really need one I'm on it 
     Em                                     F 
The last man fucked up, I'll take it since he doesn't want it 
Everything straight in the heat of the moment, heat of the moment 

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