Drake White

Fifty Years Too Late Chords

Drake White

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aleffederico

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Fifty Years Too Late


Intro: E G A E 

verse 1 
I love spring and dogs and rusty screen doors 
Candle light on creaky wood floors 
   A                              E 
A good sunrise and fireflys in a jar, yessir 
A banjo ringing through the pines 
    G                                A 
The way I feel on homemade wine and jug fishing 
Under a sky full of stars 

Pre-Chorus 1 
          A                   E 
Said I'm okay, yes, I'm just fine 
Just wish the world would move slower 
Or that I could go back in time 

E Well, but I'm still a down home southern boy G A E I don't need nothing just enough to get me by E A I was raised at an early age when you shake a man's hand A E You look him square in the eye E G Well, I'm a real cool, old school, don't you lie to me fool A E There ain't a damn thing about me fake E G I'm a modern day John Wayne, got my daddy's last name A E E G A E Born fifty years too late, yep
verse 2 E G So whatever happened to an honest day's work A E Sweating hard in a flannel shirt E G It's a fast paced rat race, no giving all take A E Who's gonna finish first E G A E Nowadays it's safe to say that a damn dog's got more rights E G Cause the administration's trying to rule the population A E Folks, we gotta stand up, we gotta fight Pre-Chorus 2 A E But I don't complain, just take it all in stride A It just seems this whole world, it has changed B Almost overnight (Repeat Chorus) Instrumental: E G A E (4X) (Repeat Chorus)

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