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Slow Southern Home Chords

Doug Burr

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by brunblazkowski

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Slow Southern Home

verse 1 
      C           G 
I lay awake for a night  
            F                  Am G 
Drenched in anguish and bright light  
         F                C 
I dreamt about an ancient house  
      G             C 
And a slow Southern home  

verse 2 
      C                  G 
I was there, and so were you  
      F                      Am G 
Not a word was spoke, nothing new  
       F            C 
It was old, all was known  
       G            C 
Like a sheep to the fold  

verse 3 
            C              G 
A blind man sang, bells of joy  
        F                     Am G 
I was a stranger, but still a boy  
           F                   C 
My parents dead, the vines had grown  
           G             C 
Through my slow Southern home  

verse 4 
         C              G 
In those eyes, I had no name  
              F                 Am G 
They had seen fear, and all was vain  
         F          C 
Bells of joy he did sing  
              G                 C 
His noise did ring and ring and ring  

Verse 5 
    C                  G 
And everyone must come back  
                F                      Am G 
The flames have risen, the plumes were black  
              F                C 
And if you're welcomed home by friends  
         G                C  
It won't ever be the same again 

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