Double Love Band


Double Love Band

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(Royce N. Wells)

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	  		Copyright PB & R LLC 2007 

           A5                 F#5    
She likes extra ordinary sentimental things 
       G5                 (pull off riff A-G-E)  
So I tried to make her smile 
              A5                           F#5        
That's when the room started shaking from my double taking 
        G5                 E5 
And my jaw dropped down a mile 
        A5                                C5  
All my friends tried to tell me it was an accident 
         G5             A5 
But I'll never be the same 
Those pretty brown eyes 
Smiling back at me 
            g5                E 
as I whispered "what's your name?" 

And she said... 

A C Stella! Jessica! D (riff A-C-G) My Name is Matilda! A C Stella! Jessica! D G Get it right or I'll beat ya! A C Stella! Jessica! D (riff A-C-G) Well... Please to meet ya! A C Stella! Jessica! D Oh... wow... wow...
Verse 2: She had all her friends around her when I broke the ice And she said she was a nurse Wearing panties over pants she brought us a beer and I'm glad I saw her first Cause a friend of mine showed up just a little late And I guess I am to blame He said everybody needs another round of shots And he whispered what's your name And she said... Chorus x3 with guitar solo Verse 3: Well the party wasn't over it was going great! When I heard her shout one more! But by the time i found my way back from the bar she had found the door And the room smelled of orchids that's her favorite flower so I guess she's live in fame As the pretty brown eyes smiling back at me as I whispered what's your name...

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