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Castles in the air Chords

Don McLean

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by thematrix

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Castles in the air

  		E                         E7 
And if she asks you why  
             A                  E                      F#m7 
you can tell her that I told you that I'm tired 
    B7                E                F#m7 
of castles in the air I've got a dream 
  B7                     E                        F#m7 
I want the world to share and castle walls 
       B7                 E     E7  E6  E 
just lead me to despair 
E                     E7 
Hills of forest green 
                A                      E                               F#m7 
where the mountains touch the sky a dream come true 
    B7                   E                  F#m7 
I'll live there 'till I die I'm asking you 
    B7              E                        F#m7 
to say my last goodbye the love I knew 
       B7                E     E7  E6  E 
ain't worth another try  
F#m7 B7 E Save me from all the trouble and the pain A A/G# F#m7 F#7 B7 F#m7 B7 F#m7 B7 I know I'm weak but I can't face that girl again F#m7 B7 E Tell her the reasons why I can't remain A E F#m7 F#7 B7 F#m7 B7 Fm7 B7 Perhaps she'll understand if you tell it to her plain
E E7 But how can words express A E F#m7 the feel of sunlight in the morning in the hills B7 E F#m7 away from city strife I need a B7 E F#m7 conutry woman for my wife I'm city born B7 E E7 E6 E but I love the country life E E7 For I can not be part A E F#m7 of her cocktail generation partners waltz B7 E F#m7 Devoid of all romance the music playes B7 E F#m7 and everyone must dance I'm bowling out B7 E E7 E6 E I need a second chance Refrao E E7 And if she asks you why...

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