Don Gibson

Heartbreak Avenue

Don Gibson

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Heartbreak Avenue

Intro: A D 

A    D                       A 
I'm alone in a house made of sorrow. 
And each room is haunted with you. 
Should the end of the world come tomorrow, 
I'll be waiting on Heartbreak Avenue. 
G A D I scattered all our promises behind me. E A There's no use to hope that they'll come true. D A But if you change your mind you can find me, D I'll be waiting on Heartbreak Avenue.
INTERLUDE: D A D #2. D A I was warned that some day you'd desert me. D I'd wake up and find that we were through. A D A They all told me that you'd only hurt me, D and I'd end up on Heartbreak Avenue.
G A D Someday you may understand this yearning, E A when somebody does the same to you. D A Then when deep in your heart there's a burning, D we'll be neighbors on Heartbreak Avenue.

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