Beauty And The Beast


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Beauty And The Beast

	  		C               Dm7   
Tale as old as time, 
C             Dm7/G    
True as it can be, 
G7          Am 
Barely even friends, 
       Am/G       F 
Then somebody bends, 
          Dm7/G        C 

C            Dm7    
Just a little change, 
C               Dm7/G 
Small to say the least, 
G7           Am7 
Both a little scared, 
Am7/F  Em7    Dm7 
Neither one prepared, 
Dm7/G G7     C 
Beauty and the beast. 

Dm7/G Dm7      Em      F 
Ever   just the same, 
        Em        F 
Ever a surprise, 
Ever as before, 
Em7         Em/B     Am 
And ever just as sure, 
Am7             A#      A# C D 
As the sun will rise. 

               Em7 A7 D 
Tale as old as time, 
D              A7  
Tune as old as song, 
   D               Bm7 
Bittersweet and strange, 
F#m              G 
Finding you can change, 
G        G/B         A7 D 
Learning you were wrong. 

D              Em7                 D 
Certain as the sun (certain as the sun), 
D             Am 
Rising in the east, 
D7             Bm7 
Tale as old as time, 
Bm7     F#m7    Em7 
Song as old as rhyme, 
Em7    A7      D      D D7 Bm 
Beauty and the beast. 

Bm      F#m     G 
Tale as old as time, 
G      F#m     Em7 
Song as old as rhyme, 
Em7    A7      D 
Beauty and the beast.

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