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Trust In Me Chords

Dinah Washington

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Trust In Me


 D6      D     F#m     Em7 
Trust in me in all you do 
G9      Edim    Cdim    Em7     
Have the faith I have in you 
G9       Edim    Cdim         
Love will see us through 
   A  Em7  A7  D       B7   Em7  G/B  A7 
If only you trust in me 
D6      D        F#m     Em7 
Come to me when things go wrong 
G9      Edim    Cdim     Em7     
Cling to me and I'll be strong 
G9     Edim Cdim  A   Em7  A7    Edim     G   D 
We can get along, as long you'll trust in me 

  D    F#m   D7/9  G       A 
While there's a   moon on high 
  A    A9     A   D     Bm 
While there's a bird to fly 
D     D6     D Em7     G 
While there's a you and I 
Em  Em6 Em  Bm Bm7/E A7/13 A7 
You can be sure  I   love you 
D6      D       F#m     Em7 
Stand beside me all the while 
G9      Edim    Cdim    Em7     
Face the future with a smile 
G9      Edim    Cdim      A    Em7 A7  D              
Trust in me and I'll be worthy     of you 

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