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Everytime We Say Goodbye Chords

Dinah Washington

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Everytime We Say Goodbye


D     Bm       D      Bm     Em7     A7 
Ev'ry time we say goodbye, I die a little. 
D      A7  F  A7       D  D7        Gm 
Ev'ry time we say goodbye, I wonder why a little, 
D      Fdim   Gm6  A7      Am      D7      G 
Why the gods above me, who must be in the know, 
Gm             D7/13-   Fdim          A7 
Think so little of me they allow you to go. 
D            Bm    D      Bm      D  Bm   E7     A7 
When you're near there's such an air of spring about it, 
D      A7  F  A7       D    D7        G     Gm 
I can hear a lark somewhere begin to sing about it. 
D          Fdim      Gm   A7 
There's no love song finer, 
        D7           G          Gm 
But how strange the change from major to minor  
D      B7  E7    G   A7   D 
Ev'ry time    we say goodbye. 

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