All You Want


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All You Want

Year: 1999 - Album: No Angel

Written by Dido Armstrong/Rollo Armstrong/Paul Herman

Capo on 1st fret

D          C9                  Gm 
I like to watch you sleep at night 
  D         C9          Gm 
hear you breath by my side 
  D            C9              Gm 
and although sleep leaves me behind 
   D         C9             Gm 
there's no place I'd rather be 
 D            C9           Gm 
and now our bed is oh so cold 
D                C9 
my hands feel empty  
no one to hold 
 D            C9            Gm 
and I can sleep what side I want 
D             C9             Gm 
it's not the same with you gone 
same with the nest verses 
C                  Bb        
oh if you'd come home I'll let you know 
 D C9             G             Gm 
all you want is right here in this room all you want 
D C9      G                     Gm 
all you need is sitting here with you all you want 
C            Bb     C           Bb 
I hear your key turning in the door 
C             Bb         C       Bb 
I won't be hearing that sound anymore... 

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