Dickey Lee


Dickey Lee

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	  		Patches:Dickey Lee. 
#6 in 1962. 

***In the original there are 4 key changes. 
I marked them as capo/barre 1st fret, etc.*** 

#1.(Capo/barre 1st fret. Key C#) 
C           Em         F            C 
Down by the river that flows by the coal yards, 
C            Em          F             G7 
stand wooden houses with shutters torn down.  
C             E         F          C 
There lives a girl everybody calls Patches.  
C          Em         F   G7     C 
Patches my darling of old Shanty town. 

#2. (Capo/barre 2nd fret. Key D) 
C             Em         F                C 
We planned to marry when June brought the summer. 
C          Em           F          G7 
I couldn't wait to make Patches my bride. 
C           E            F        C 
Now I don't see how that ever can happen.. 
C            Em         F     G7       C 
My folks say no, and my heart breaks inside. 

C    E         F          C     F          C 
Pat..ches, oh, what can I do? I swear I'll always love you. 
      F                               C 
But a girl from that place would just bring me disgrace, 
                  G7          C 
so my folks won't let me love you. 

#3. (Capo/barre 3rd fret. Key D#) 
C            Em        F             C 
Each night I cry, as I think of that shanty. 
C          Em            F            G7 
And pretty patches there watching the door.  
C           E           F             C 
She doesn't know that I can't come to see her.. 
C            Em            F        G7 C 
Patches must think, that I love her no more. 


#4. (Capo/barre 4th fret. Key E) 
C        Em       F          C 
I hear a neighbor telling my father.. 
C         Em           F           G7 
He says a girl name of Patches was found, 
C             E            F         C 
floating face down in that dirty old river, 
C                 Em            F         G7 C 
that flows by the coal yards in old Shan..ty town. 

C    E         F          C   F            C 
Pat..ches, oh, what can I do? I swear I'll always love you. 
   F                         C 
It may not be right but I'll join you tonight..  
C           G7        C 
Patches I'm coming to you. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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