Dick Valentine

Meet Mr. Monkey

Dick Valentine

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Meet Mr. Monkey


Intro: G Em 

G                              Em 
I think I'm going to pack it in 
G                               Em 
And head on down the road again 
G                                    Em 
I don't know where this trip will end 
But at least I've got my little friend 

Am                               G 
I'm travelling around the country 
     C         F            
Just me and my monkey 
Am                            G 
Looking for a place to pull over 
         C             F   
'Cos we're both getting hungry 

G                   Am              G               C   
Asking all the local boys where this man and his monkey 
Might find something to eat 
G                      Am           G       C 
Forcing all the local girls to meet Mr. Monkey 
In the back of my jeep 

Girls we're on a schedule 
Kiss my monkey goodbye 

G      Em 

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chords Dick Valentine - Meet Mr. Monkey
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