Dick Haimes

Cuddle Up A Little Closer Chords

Dick Haimes

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Cuddle Up A Little Closer

(Otto Harbach and Karl Hoschna)

  		Intro:  A C#7 D Cdim A E7/13 E7 E4/7 A E7 

A   Cdim     A9    F#m         
Cuddle up little closer  
       A    Bm7 E7 
Baby mine 
E7  Fdim           E7   Bm5-/7     E7    Cdim A 
Cuddle up and be my little clinging vine 
F#7               Gdim     F#7  Bm 
Like to feel your cheek so rosey 
 E7             Bm5-/7  Fdim   A 
Like to make you comfy, cozy 
  D               Bm5-/7   Cdim F#7  
'Cause I love from head to tosey 
D9  E7/13 A 
Baby     mine 

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