Dianne Reeves

Fascinatin' Rhythm Chords

Dianne Reeves

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Fascinatin' Rhythm

(George Gershin and Ira Gershin)

G G6 G7 G6 G G7 G6 G G7 G6 G 
Got a little rhythm, a rhythm, a rhythm 
G6 G7 G6 G 
That pitter-pats in my brain  
G G6 G7 G6 G G7 G6 G G7 G6 
So darn persistent, the day isn't distant 
G Am7 Dm7 Am7 G 
When it'll drive me insane 
C Am C7 Am C C7 Am C C7 
Comes in the morning, without any warning 
C Am C7 Am C7/9 
And hangs around me all day 
C Am C7 Am D9 Am7 D7 
I'll have to sneak up to it, someday and speak up to it 
C Am C7 D7 
I hope it listens when I say  
Am7 C D7 Am7 C D7 
Fascinatin' rhythm, you've got me on the go  
Am7 C D7 Am7 D7 
Fascinatin' rhy hm, I'm all aquiver  
Dm7 F G7 Dm7 F G7 
What a mess you're making, the neighbors want to know  
Dm7 F G7 Dm7 G7 
Why I'm always shaking, just like a flivver  
C C/B Am7 Cdim G G/F# 
Each morning I get up with the sun 
G/B Am7 D9 Am7 
Start a hop ping, never stopping  
A Em7 A7 G/B A7 D7 
To find, that night, no work has been done. 
C C/B Am7 C D7 
I know that once it didn't matter 
Am7 D7 
But now you're doing wrong  
Am7 C D7 C D7 
When you start to patter, I'm so unhappy  
Dm7 F G7 Dm7 F G7 
Won't you take a day off, decide to run along 
Dm7 F G7 Dm7 G7 
Somewhere far away off, and make it snappy  
C C/B Am7 D7 Am7 D7 B7 E7  
Oh, how I long to be the girl I used to be  
Am C D7 
Fascinatin' rhythm 
Am C D7 Am7 G 
Oh, won't you stop picking on me 

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