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In His Time Chords

Diana Ball

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by bblythe

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In His Time

.C      Dm   G7      C 
 In His time, in His time, 
.  Am       Dm7               G7        C   C7 
 He makes all things beautiful, in His time, 
.             F            G7 
 Lord, please show me everyday, 
.           C               Am 
 As You're teaching me Your way, 
.          Dm7              G7           C 
 That You do just what You say, in Your time. 
.C       Dm   G7       C 
 In Your time, in Your time, 
.  Am       Dm7            G7            C   C7 
 You make all things beautiful, in Your time. 
.         F             G7 
 Lord, my life to You I bring, 
.         C               Am 
 May each song I have to sing, 
.      Dm7          G7             C 
 Be to You a lovely thing, in Your time. 


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