Desperation band

Highest Place

Desperation band

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Highest Place

Lord you searched me 
And you know me 
G                    Bm          
You know all of my thoughts 
No point in hiding. 
Lord you've found me 
A                     Bm 
So completely in need of You 
G                   A 
I cannot hide from you 

G               Bm        Asus4 G 
If I go to the heavens or down below 
G                     A 
You are right there waiting 
Em                Bm        A 
If I fly on the wings of the dawn 
G                                 Asus4 A 
You are there, I will find you waiting 

D You are in the highest place Asus4 A You are in the falling rain Bm You are in the mountain peaks A G And the valleys speak Wonders of your Name D You are in the pefect sky Asus4 A You're in every breath I breathe Bm A You're in every moment life seems to pass me by G You're my prince of peace
Verse2 D In the Glory A Of Your glory G Bm I become like You are G Its overwhelming D In the presence A Of Your presence Bm G A I finally see you are meant for me Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge G D You're everything A You're in everything Bm You're in every cry A It all ends and starts G With You my king

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