Derek And The Dominoes

Thorn Tree In The Garden

Derek And The Dominoes

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Thorn Tree In The Garden

	  		Emaj7                                       F#m/E 
There's a thorn tree in the garden, if you know just what I mean 
      Emaj7                               F#m/E 
And I hate to hurt your feelings but its not the way it seems 
          Emaj7     F#m/E  Emaj7  F#m/E 
'Cause I miss her 

           Emaj7                          F#m/E 
She's the only girl I've cared for, the only one I've known 
     Emaj7                        F#m/E 
And no one ever shared more love than we've known 
       Emaj7    E7 
And I miss her 

But it all seems so strange to me 
She should have never turned her back on me 
 A          B7              E7 
And leave without a last goodbye 
And if she winds up walking the streets 
Loving every other man she meets 
 A                           B7 
Who'll be the one to answer why? 
                                    Emaj7  E7  A  Am  E 
Lord, I hope it's not me, it's not me 

           Emaj7                      F#m/E 
And if I never see her face again, I never hold her hand 
    Emaj7                           F#m/E 
And if she's in somebody's arms, I know I'll understand 
       Emaj7        E7     A              Am  E Emaj7 
But I miss that girl   I still miss that girl 

          A       Am     E   Emaj7  A  Am E 
Maybe someday soon, someway 

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